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About our Sizes

Three convenient sizes to meet your needs.

*8-16 scones in each order

*Classic and Petite pictured above

Classic Size

Our classic size is approximately 3.5 oz each, but may vary by flavor. This is your typical size scone found in most cafes. We offer 8 scones in all orders unless you order a platter. Classic size scones are perfect for cutting in half, adding jams, jellies, or even deli meats for our savory flavors. 

Petite Size

Our petite size scone is about half our classic size at approximately 2 oz each. Perfect as a breakfast item, a side dish with a meal, a snack, or desert. Normally 8-12 scones come in an order, check item description for details. They can also be individually bagged for shipping.



Now in Bite Size!

Due to popularity, our bite size is our newest entry. Each moist morsel bite is perfectly made and individually hand crafted for your enjoyment. Our bite size comes in at a mighty 1 oz, normally offered as a 12 or 16 pack, and are typically glazed. Our glazing technique keeps them extra moist and they handle superbly when shipping. They can also be bagged, 2 to 4 per bag. 



*Check product description for specific quantities offered per order