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About Us

Who Are We and What We Do

Give your taste buds a treat at The Simple Scone Bakeshop! In 2005, Carrie began baking tasty scones with her dad every Christmas Eve for the family. After moving to Florida, she and her husband Chris started a family of their own, and she continued this tradition for her little girls, and her husband too.

Soon she began to bake them for friends, as teacher gifts, and for her church’s fellowship after service. With the encouragement of her family and friends, she finally decided to turn her love of baking scones into something bigger!  This is a passion she has always had and she want to share these delicious treats with the amazing people of Clermont, FL and the surrounding communities.

Immediately after launching the business in 2019, orders began pouring in. It wasn't long before the business began needing an extra pair of hands and early in 2020 their friends Jodi and Maurizio, with their daughters, became partners to help grow the bakeshop. They moved the business from baking at Carrie's home under the cottage law into a fully licensed commercial kitchen.

Throughout 2020 the business has continued to grow and it is all thanks to so many loyal customers we call friends and family. We hope you are one of those reading this, but if not, let us bake for you and welcome you in our fellowship.

Good food, made with love, nourishes the body and the soul. I welcome you to browse the site and place an order.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy a delicious Simple Scone!